hi, I'm ellie

a functional medicine registered dietitian (RDN) and lifestyle architect, the founder of Simply Nourished Nutrition and Ellie Kempton lifestyle architecture - companies dedicated to guiding a community of women dedicated to unlocking their deep magic and reclaiming sovereignty over their health

ellie's story

What does this mean? 


A former high performance athlete, a diagnosis of Crohn’s before my 2nd Olympic swimming trials forced me to rethink my conventional paradigm, which was founded on an undergraduate biochemistry degree.


My own experience illuminated how essential it is to treat inflammatory conditions functionally, which paved the way for attaining a Masters in Integrative Functional Nutrition from Bastyr University, and germinating the way I now teach and empower women. 


Using these approaches, I was personally able to become medication free, inflammation free and pain free – from then until today.

I now teach science-driven, time tested tools built around foods, habits and structure that breed systemic recalibration.


In both my private practice and large group programming I see lives change daily when we address inflammation functionally, and from a multitude of angles.


My passion is for making this information accessible. For demystifying the complexity of female biology and vitality, and for returning all women to their sovereign center of trust in their bodies and themselves.


I believe in making healthcare simple, and empowering lasting change.

Formal credentials that underpin the work that I do:

• RD/RDN: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Academy of Nutrition Dietetics 

• PhD candidate: focusing on Applied Psychophysiology and Behavior Design – Saybrook University

• Masters of Science M.S., Integrative Functional Nutrition – Bastyr University, Seattle WA 

• Bachelor of Science B.S., Sports Medicine/Biochemistry – University of Virginia

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